In the run-up to 2020, Timeframe Project Eindhoven will present 220 portraits of Eindhoven residents. The portraits provide a glimpse into their world of thoughts and their views on the future. You can find them on our Instagram page and website.

The creators of Timeframe Project are sisters, Nathalie Duin and Pascale Duin. “The idea behind the project is to outline the concept of the present with the perspective of the future. We wonder if people really think that differently, or if individual dreams can actually be common goals. This is why we make a portrait and ask two questions: ‘what does the world look like in 2030?’ And ‘how do you hope the world will look like in 2030?’ “

Global Goals
The idea was positively received by the municipality of Eindhoven. “The project is in line with the awareness process around the Global Goals; seventeen sustainable development goals for 2030 with were drawn up by the United Nations and adopted by all member states as a common agenda. By asking people about their dreams for the future, we learn what connects them. This is why we link the answers to the Global Goals, to show which goals are consciously or unconsciously present in society.

We’ve noticed that people like to share their concerns and dreams about the future. By describing their future image of the world, they step out of the reality of today. So far, many stories share a hopeful message. Themes such as peace, sustainability or care for the world and each other are reflected in many answers. We hope to see many of these ideals achieved in 2030.”