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In the run-up to 2020, 220 citizens of Eindhoven will share their view of the future. The portraits provide a glimpse into their world of thoughts and views of the future. 


The idea behind the project is to outline the concept of the present with the perspective of the future. We were wondering if people really think that differently, or if individual dreams are, in actuality, common goals. This is why we ask two questions: 'what does the world look like in 2030?' And 'how do you hope the world will look like in 2030?' 

Their vision and dreams are quoted in relation to the UN Global Goals: seventeen goals for a better world by 2030. The city of Eindhoven has the objective to realize these goals and wants to involve its citizens. 


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220 citizens of Eindhoven give their view of the future

Time Frame Project shows how people think about the future

17 global goals by the UN for a better world by 2030


Our dream is to start a global movement that frames people and their dreams all over the world as a future legacy of todays modern times (2019/2020).   


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